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Application Form

The OCD Cycloclimbing membership fee buys the quarterly magazine Cycloclimbing and membership of our e-group, access to Club records, loans from the Club library and guides at a discount. (Non-members can only buy a single guide and this is at a surcharge of 25%.)

To join please use your Web browser to print this page, then complete and sign the form below and send to:
Rod Dalitz, 2 Frogston Avenue, Edinburgh EH10 7AQ

O.C.D. Cycloclimbing New Members' Form (only one needed per household)

Forenames or Initials:formal or informal as you prefer
Post Code: 
e-mail address:optional....
......... but please provide if you want to be able to join the electronic group
Date of Birth:optional for adults
CTC Member?: 
Cycling Club:if applicable
Remittance Enclosed:Pounds Sterling only

New Members Fees (payable to "OCD Cycloclimbing") are £14 for Full Members in the UK and £20 outside the UK, both lasting for at least 2 years (8 magazines if longer) - please give household members' names, clubs and dates of birth.
Payments in Pounds Sterling unless by prior agreement. FOREIGN PAYMENTS may be made using US dollar or euro notes, postage at your risk, but not other currencies.