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Founder Noel Henderson  
President Roger Codling  
Secretary Mario Labelle
Membership Secretary Rod Dalitz
Claims Secretary Rod Dalitz
Touring Secretary Rod Dalitz
Magazine Editor (Paper issue) Jonathan Foott
Magazine Distribution Alan Sprod
e-Group Co-ordinator Mario Labelle
Webmaster Peter Hinton
Postcards Jonathan Foott Postal address on inside cover of magazine
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What is OCD Cycloclimbing?

OCD stands for 'Ordre des Cols Durs' - 'the club of the hard cols' - a French cycle club of which we are the British-based English language equivalent. OCD Cycloclimbing acts mainly as an information exchange for cyclists who enjoy cycling in the mountains. If they wish, Members can claim pass heights each year and progress through grades of membership. Otherwise they can simply enjoy the magazine and the e-group; Members are of course encouraged to contribute to the magazines and pass guides.

How to join OCD Cycloclimbing

Membership is for anyone with an interest in mountain cycling. Subscriptions are the same for claiming and non-claiming members. Only one subscription per address or group/club is required (as long as one copy of each magazine is enough and provided that only one batch of claims is sent each year). Application Form

SUBSCRIPTIONS are £14 for UK members and £20 outside the UK, both lasting for 8 magazine issues. The magazine is published 3 or 4 times a year; overseas posting is by surface mail. Payment should be sent to:

Membership Secretary, Rod Dalitz, 2 Frogston Avenue, Edinburgh EH10 7AQ.

CHEQUES must be payable to "OCD Cycloclimbing" and must be in pounds sterling - we are charged 7.50 UK Pounds per cheque for conversions from other currencies. If you also want guides with a single cheque then this is perfectly acceptable.
FOREIGN PAYMENTS may be made using US dollar or euro notes, postage at your risk, but not other currencies.

Please note that membership records consisting of: date of joining, name, address, expiry date of membership are retained on a database. This information is not made available to anyone unless they are helping to run the Club. However, if you do not wish your details to be held on the database please let us know.


The Guides are produced from the feedback of Cycloclimbing members and are available at a discount to Members, so please keep us informed! Information on other areas is also available, often from old OCD magazine articles - contact the Touring Secretary. OCD Cycloclimbing also maintains a small library of books and maps available for loan to members only.

Club Rules

Non-claiming Associate Members may join to the end of the following year while they accumulate claims or indefinitely if they do not wish to make claims. It is hoped however that they will join in contributing information and magazine articles.

  1. The OCD starts from 1960 the earliest to which you may back-date a fully recognised claim
  2. Grades of Membership start at 20,000m to join the U.K. club as a full member. French Membership starts at 50,000m and there are further grades at 100,000m (Officer), at 200,000m (Commander), at 500,000m (Honorable). The top grade is at one million metres (Venerable); this has been reached by three of our Members so far.
  3. Claims are put together by adding the summit heights of cols crossed or peaks reached. Note that a col has higher ground on both sides of the route at its summit and there are different valleys starting in front and behind you. It is not good enough to get only part way up a valley, however long
  4. Candidates' honesty is assumed
  5. A summit cannot be claimed more than five times per year
  6. You must be climbing as you reach a col. A second col which starts from a lower one can be claimed but not vice-versa
  7. Lists to the Claims Secretary should be in the following form:
    Date Name of Col Location/Map Ref. Height, m Notes
    23.6.97 Stelvio N.E.Italy/
    Michelin map 218, panel 17
    2757m **

    ** the notes are optional but we would like to hear of points of interest, whether you enjoyed the route, preferred alternatives, surface quality, gradients, remote and/or helpful hotels or campsites and anything else to improve our guides in a way you would have found useful. (It's very helpful if you also give the OCD pass number from the guide).

  8. Claims are for the year to Dec 1st and should be sent to the Claims Secretary by Jan. 31st, address as above or per the latest magazine. The lowest worthwhile summit is usually taken as 300m but a lower struggle can be claimed if you insist!


A French club for which we are the UK contact, membership is open to anyone who has cycled up at least 100 different cols of which at least five per hundred must be over 2000m. A Col may only be claimed once in your cycling career. Cols must be identified by name on a recognised map or equivalent. There is no minimum height requirement. A claim for 100 Cols Club should take the same form as for OCD Cycloclimbing but the pass heights do not have to be totalled. Rules in English.

Claims should be submitted between 1st Dec and 31st January - the first claim will be for Cols ridden to date, subsequent claims for new Cols ridden during the year. You can send in claims via OCD-UK.

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