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Merge with Audax UK

At the AGM of Audax UK, held on Saturday 16th November 2013, the motion for OCD to become part of Audax was approved by an overwhelming majority. So paid-up OCD members will now receive a year's membership of AUK, and AUK members are entitled to submit col claims. OCD members are encouraged to submit articles and photos for publication in Arrivée, via either Rod Dalitz or Sheila Simpson.

The rationale behind this decision was outlined in a piece by Rod Dalitz for the latest magazine; see here.

What is OCD Cycloclimbing?

As announced in the Spring 2004 Magazine (No. 100), Brendan Rowland has done an enormous amount of work revising the guide to the West Pyrenees and putting it online. At present, the guide is available to all; please send any comments to the Secretary.


Alan Kind, editor of Byway and Bridleway, has recently sent a link to his website, which includes "A Compendium of High Roads and Road Passes in Great Britain" which will certainly be of interest to members. The introduction to the first part includes the criteria he has used in making the list, which has a strong emphasis on the historical origins of many of these routes. It's a fascinating browse. Alan would welcome any comments and any additional photographs of routes in the compendium. I have also made a summary of the routes.

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Spring/Summer 2008 cover Issue 108 - Spring 2013
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"Wild Swimming France" - Book review
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Corsica in Spring - Gerald Cowham
France in Summer - Gerald Cowham

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